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The Ortho Sock will have you performing your best in no time. The sock will provide pain relief for heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, swelling, and joint pain. Wear the socks during the day or night, in your shoes under your regular socks. BENEFITS OF ORTHO SOCK PLANTAR FASCIITIS SOCKS: •INCREASED MUSCLE STAMINA AND RECOVERY •INCREASED CIRCULATION •SKIN PROTECTION •REDUCED SWELLING AND FATIGUE The socks are made in America and come in 3 sizes: Small for men's shoe size up to 5.5, Women's up to 6.5, Medium for men's 6-10, Women's 7-10.5, Large for Men's 10.5-13, Women's 11-14. If you are on the border any size, consider going up to the larger size, as it should still be tight enough to give you good results, and may be more comfortable.

Why do I need the Ortho Sock?

The Ortho sock aids in the recovery of your foot pain by providing compression in multiple targeted zones. Compression reduces fatigue and pain in clinical studies. The sock helps pull on the fascia for plantar fasciitis relief. The compression sock provides approximately 15-20mm mercury which is superior to an ordinary sock bought in stores. The sock can be worn all day to provide daytime relief of arthritis, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.

The sock can be worn under or over a regular sock at consumers discretion for best relief. The Ortho sock multi zone technology has been used in Europe for several years and finally has landed in the United States. Foot doctors all over the country are using the targeted zone compression technology as part of their treatment arsenal. We find the sock works great with gel heel cups to better soften the impact of daily walking. Order your socks today to start feeling better!


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