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Ortho Heal - Daytime Relief For Heel Pain




The Ortho Heal is a pneumatic ankle brace that you wear in a shoe during the day. As you walk, memory foam cushions your foot around the painful areas, and air in the bladder massages your pain away while stimulating recovery. The Ortho Heal is comforting to wear while on your feet, softening the pressure your body exerts on the plantar fascia, the thick band of tissue on the bottom of your foot. The brace helps align the heel to its natural position, reducing stress on the painful areas, and allows stretching exercises to work. The Ortho Heal will soothe pain from your arch up through the achilles tendon. Add our optional compression sock for half of what the other sellers charge and wear it during the night to help soothe tired and achy feet. Alternatively, you can wear the sock around the house and save your Ortho Heal for more demanding activity. The Ortho Heal is made in America out of a nylon/spandex blend. It comes in 3 sizes and fits each foot. US Sizing as Follows: SMALL - Men's up to 7.5, Women's up to 7. MEDIUM - Men's 8-11, Women's 7.5-12. LARGE - Men's 11.5 and up, Women's 12.5 and up.

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Why do I need this brace?

The Ortho Heal plantar fasciitis brace was designed by a foot and ankle surgeon to alleviate heel pain. This brace is commonly dispensed in foot doctors’ offices as part of an overall treatment protocol all over the world. The brace is a patented device for the treatment of heel pain and Achilles tendonitis. The brace controls the foot and plantar fascia more efficiently than orthotics and taping commonly performed by athletic trainers and doctors.  Our clinical physicians have used the brace for a first line treatment of heel pain for the past four years with excellent results. Patients commonly tell our doctors the Ortho Heal is the only thing helping them get through their day without pain. We recommend patients suffering from heel pain use the brace during the day with stretching exercises as a first line defense. Adding a night splint and pain cream enhances the overall therapy for complete day and night time relief. Finally, adding our over the counter inserts help to prevent future injuries and reoccurrence. Get started on your road to recovery today by using the Ortho Heal and save the doctor copay!


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